About Kristall Properties

Annemarie Kleinhans, Dina Venter and Annemarie Nell strive to connect you with your dream home. Helping you sell an existing property while facilitating your new investment in your vision, is Kristall.Properties’ privilege. Whether you want to invest in a new development, existing property or a custom-built home, we will guide you in the best direction. 

We connect all relevant parties, for new developments, custom-built homes and your buying and selling of properties. It is our privilege to be like a multi plug, connecting various cables (stakeholders | role players), ensuring all energy is directed towards the goal: Bringing your vision of an ideal home and investment to life. 

Invest in a home which suits your lifestyle and moves closer to sustainable living. Climate resilience, recycling, partial own service delivery, etcetera, frame Kristall.Properties’ intention to move new developments in this direction. Our sensitivity towards local, environmental aspects, market trends and broader societal issues, with each new development, enables us to influence the cutting edge. 

Kristall.Properties respects and fulfills the role of estate agents, as a necessary component of any property transaction. Our visionary nature and expertise allow us to look into the future, see a bigger picture, and bring future development trends to the present moment. Your investment in the home of the future, today, bears multiple benefits. Not only do you lower your family’s carbon footprint, you also create a home which will be a more attractive investment proposition for the emerging generation of investors and home buyers.

We grow with our projects and project partners. Our flexibility and thirst for learning are non-negotiable attributes, as we focus, with you and our partners, on continuous best practice development.

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