Questions to ask your Home and Land Team

PUBLISHED 16 AUG 2017   

We believe that building your new home should be an exciting and enjoyable journey with a builder you trust. That’s why we’ve compiled some important considerations to help you ask the right questions when choosing your build partner.


Who are they?

  • Are they all licensed?
  • Are they well-established? Find out how many homes the builder has completed and how long they have been in business. This will indicate the builder's reliability and their financial stability
  • Most importantly, do they offer a structural guarantee?


Do you understand your quote?

  • Does your quote include all extras and options?
  • How much deposit do you need to pay and what do you lose if you cancel?
  • When will the builder give you a final price?
  • Do you get to keep the reports you have paid for? Like soil test, if you cancel the build?
  • How long will your build take? What provisions are there in the contract for build timeframes?


Do their plans and designs suit your lifestyle and neighborhood?

  • Do they have a variety of home designs?
  • What standard options are available if you want to modify the plan or home design?
  • Make sure your home design suits your piece of land. There may be developer guidelines governing your land, so ask your team to check the developer requirements.
  • What kind of design advice and consultation do they provide throughout the building process?
  • Will your home be energy efficient?
  •  Will you be able to change your homes' orientation to allow for midday winter sun, views or to avoid summer heat?


What services does your builder deliver?

  • Do they have a clear step-by-step process for the build process of your home?
  • Do they have a site manager who will manage your home build and be available to answer your questions?
  • Are there experienced consultants on hand to provide guidance with fixtures, finishes and colors?
  • Is there a point of contact available to you at all times during the build?

If you have more questions about building with us, contact one of our consultants today!